Anassa Rituals

ILA's Chakra Well-Being   €225.00

ILA's Chakra Well-Being  € 225.00

Using seven blends of chakra-balancing essential oils, this treatment is tailored to each guest and includes reflexology, body scrub, chakra healing massage, facial and the pouring of warm oil over the third eye to bring ultimate relaxation and serenity.

Treament time: 120 min
Price is per person

ILA Feminine Flow and Fertility   €195.00

ILA Feminine Flow and Fertility  € 195.00

This heavenly female-centric ritual awakens the feminine spirit and chakras, attuning the feminine energies with the rhythms of nature. Its four therapies include a bliss body renewal, floral-infused massage and kidney packs for deep inner rejuvenation.

Treatment time: 120 min
Price is per person

ILA Masculine Vigour and Vitality   €195.00

ILA Masculine Vigour and Vitality  € 195.00

Powerful herbs and targeted techniques recharge and boost male vitality in this energising ritual. A hammam treatment helps release toxins and fatigue, followed by an invigorating massage with the ancient herb of virility, and a kidney pack to intensify healing blood flow. Treatment time: 120 min Price is per person

Thalassa Spa Introduces the Cyprus Body Twist Ritual   €135.00

Thalassa Spa Introduces the Cyprus Body Twist Ritual  € 135.00

Anassa’s spa harnesses the power of the sea and the nutrients of local foliage to create relaxing and refreshing experiences. In the new Cyprus Body Twist Ritual, we begin with a back of the body massage. Using warmed organic olive oil and heated Cyprus lemons, the therapist gives a firm massage to relieve muscle tension. In the process, the warmed lemons soften and release their juice, suffusing the skin with nurturing vitamin C. Next, you will be exfoliated through the application to the skin of carob syrup and raw sugar in a gentle scrub. The treatment concludes with a soothing rinse under the mist of the thalassotherapy affusion shower; we pump the mineral-rich water directly from the sea to the spa. You will emerge feeling cleansed and renewed. 

Treatment time 75 min. 
Price is per person.

OSEA Organic Ocean Journey   €150.00

OSEA Organic Ocean Journey  € 150.00

An organic bio-scrub of seaweed, pumice, acai and guarana to polish skin, purify pores and provide a protective barrier of moisture, followed by a detoxifying algae wrap to feed and hydrate the skin. A great complement to weight-loss programmes.

Treatment time: 80 min
Price is per person

ILA Dreamtime   €165.00

ILA Dreamtime  € 165.00

Comprising a slow rhythmic scrub and soothing back and facial massage, this soporific treatment draws on spikenard, orange blossom and focused chakra-healing techniques to deeply relax the nervous system and restore the natural rhythm of sleep.  

Trieatment time: 90 min
Price is per person

ILA Marine Flora Immersion   €210.00

ILA Marine Flora Immersion  € 210.00

This revitalising immersion begins with thalassotherapy bathing, followed by a scrub, wrap and either a massage or facial. Drawing on mineral-rich marine flora and Himalayan salt, it deeply relaxes, cleanses and reenergises the lymphatic and immune systems, infusing the skin with healing nutrients for up to 24 hours.

Duration: 120 minutes.
Package is per person