Mediterranean Couple's Delights

Double Indulgence   €230.00

Double Indulgence  € 230.00

Enjoyed side-by-side, this peaceful couple’s massage (performed on the back, legs and head) will soothe your body and balance your mind.

Treatment time: 60 minutes 
Price is per couple.

Mini Double Indulgence   €170.00

Mini Double Indulgence  € 170.00

A calming couple’s massage focusing on the back and neck areas to ease tension. 

Treatment time: 30 minutes 
Price is per couple.

The Anassa Champagne Aphrodisiac   €380.00

The Anassa Champagne Aphrodisiac  € 380.00

A romantic evening in your own candle-lit room or suite, featuring the healing hands of two skilled therapists, an aromatic 60-minute massage, luxurious bath, bottle of Champagne and indulgent alone time.

Treatment time: 60 minutes
Price is per couple.

ILA Couples Connect Journey of Love   €420.00

ILA Couples Connect Journey of Love  € 420.00

Inspired by the Aphrodite and Adonis ritual of bathing and massage, this voyage of love centres on the heart, sacral and crown chakras – and the exquisite oils of rose, orange blossom and jasmine – for a beautiful connection of mind, body and spirit. 

Treatment time: 120 min
Price is per couple